As a music composer :

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As a producer :

“Stilll is a one of the jewellery of the Belgian crown”
– Gonzo Magazine
“I recently discovered Stilll and in almost no time it superseded Transgressive as my
favourite label of the year”
-Drowned in Sound
Back in 2005, Jérôme Deuson and I decided to create a label that would be able to
propose something different, experimental while being accessible for everyone who has a minimum sense of beauty. 
The Stilll label was created with the release of Arden, one of the most impressive improv band of that time. Ultimately, the label released 15 albums and 2 singles/eps and won a notoriety that easily overpassed Belgium.

Stilll stopped in mid 2010.
By that time Off was taking most of my time and depicted more than Stilll my preferences in music.
Nevertheless, I'm still proud of what we did at the time and you will find here the story of some of the best albums we released.
There are all sold out but I created a special Stilll Bandcamp page where you can listen and download the music ( and buy a few copies left!).

The Brussels-based label's first compilation, Stilllysm, confirms a commitment to best in organic electronic post-pop music with melancholic tinge.

It’s always easy to compare a band to another but in this case even if we can feel a lot of influent bands, we can’t easily describe the grace and beauty that touch Immune’s wonderful official debut "Sound Inside". Magnificent guitars, piano melodies, smooth electronics, strings and drums are melted in a thrilling imaginary score for a sad but hopeful
world. Some references that are usually mentioned are Mark Hollis, Sigur Ros, Hood, Arab Strap or Elbow.