Real Estate

Real Estate

Unmute, a leader company in marketing services, has been instrumental in the real estate sector in Belgium since 2012. With their expertise, they have contributed to the successful sale of hundreds of houses and apartments across the country.
Their collaboration with Happy Home Immo has been particularly noteworthy. Happy Home Immo, known for its innovative and personalized approach, has established itself as a reference in Brabant-Wallon, Hainaut, and Namur. This
position has been consolidated thanks to a fruitful collaboration with the company Sotraba/Thomas & Piron.

The dynamic duo,

brothers Jérôme and Olivier Deuson, both having their own IPI number, ensure that each client benefits from a transparent, smooth, and efficient experience. In 2023, they welcomed Arnaud Keyen, an expert from the IT field. His arrival marked a major turning point in their quest for excellence. Thanks to his skills, they were able to reach a new level in terms of technological innovation and organization.


with the help of Unmute Company’s marketing services and Arnaud’s technological expertise, they use cutting-edge tools and modern methodologies to continuously improve their service and offer an unparalleled customer
For a more extensive description of these services, please visit the Unmute Company’s website.